About The Photographer


Born and bred in Singapore, I grew up as the second of three boys in my family. My dad bought me my first camera when I was in design school during my tertiary education years, and so my journey into photography began. Through the years, as I moved out from the creative industry and into the financial sector, the passion to capture the world as I saw it in my own unique way remained, and I would constantly pack a camera along with me everywhere I went.

I find enjoyment in the most insignificant of activities, such as sitting at a coffee shop with a hot tea while watching the world go by, yet I also love being captivated by the marvels of mother nature, such as when I trudged through rain and snow alone in New Zealand's Hooker Valley, flanked by towering snow-capped peaks on all sides.

I started Magic Dust Pictures as a continuation of my photographic journey, hoping to share my joy of capturing life's fleeting moments and the magnificence of our world, then sharing it with my greatest benefactors - you. My shooting style for coverage of events is primarily documentary, and I will generally try to stay out of sight while taking pictures of your day as it unfolds, yet, I will be there at the ready whenever you need me to be. I pride myself on being able to capture the happy or goofy moments that most may miss, and will deliver them to you with my own little touch of magic dust.

Once again, thank you for being here, and I look forward to hearing from you soon!



Starts from SGD $880

Wedding Day

Starts from SGD $1,380


SGD $120/hour